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My street photography has gotten its first ever feature in the online publication of the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography! Check it out here:

I shoot on both film and digital, although I typically lean towards film when I can afford it. I’ve shot on various cameras, including a Yashica Electro 35 (which was my first rangefinder), a Minox 35 GT (one of the smallest full frame 35mm cameras ever made), and, most recently, a Fed 5c (a Soviet-made Leica copy).

As for digital, I shoot on Micro 4/3. I prefer this format to full frame and APS-C both because of its size and the lenses this system has at its disposal. I use a Panasonic GX7 with a Leica 15/1.7 and Olympus 25/1.8.

Part of why I love film is the mentality it embodies; because of its limitations, one is forced to slow down and think. Obviously, speed is of utmost importance in street photography, so this was a hurdle I had to initially overcome. I also feel far bolder when shooting on film, as people are more often than not intrigued by my severely outdated camera and don’t mind having their picture taken with one. Many of the things I learned shooting on film, such as zone focusing, have carried over into my digital practice and have made that work even more efficient as a result.

I typically shoot with either a 50mm on my film camera and a 28mm equivalent on my digital camera. I enjoy the 50mm focal length for general photography as it’s the one I find the most natural to compose with. The 28mm, on the other hand, requires me to get very close to my subjects in order to capture the moment, something I find frightening yet exhilarating. I typically shoot from the hip when using digital, walking past my subjects and attempting to be as discreet as possible.  I also ride a bicycle while I shoot, which I admit is rather foolish, dangerous even, but it allows me to cover more ground and draw less attention to myself when I’m snapping from the bike lanes.

My trusty Fed 5c

My trusty Fed 5c

My work as a street photographer initially began as an attempt to expand my art practice as well as a form of personal therapy, and has since evolved into a passion, one that has helped alleviate my anxiety as well as enrich my work as a filmmaker and storyteller.

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